Tempe Water Damage Restoration & Sewer Backup Cleaning

Water Damage Restoration and Sewer Backup Cleanup Services in Tempe, AZ

Water damage can strike at any moment. Whether it’s due to a burst pipe, heavy rain, or an overflowing sink, water can cause extensive damage, often leading to costly repairs. Not to mention the mental stress and the disruption it brings. We provide SWIFT AND PROFESSIONAL WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICES to help restore your peace of mind and restore your property to its original state.


But water isn’t the only culprit. Sewer backups are often overlooked, yet equally devastating. Raw sewage can flood your property, spreading harmful bacteria and parasites and leaving a foul odor lingering for weeks. Our restoration experts at Remove Water Arizona are also highly skilled in sewage backup cleanups, ensuring your property is thoroughly sanitized, disinfected, and safe for you and your loved ones.


From water extraction and drying to sewage cleaning and sanitation, we handle it with utmost care and professionalism. We believe in swift action and impeccable service to reduce the disruption caused by such emergencies. We understand the situation’s urgency, so our team is ready to respond 24/7, providing quick, effective solutions to all your water damage and sewage cleanup needs.


Don’t let water damage, a sewage backup ruin your day or even your property. Trust Arizona’s water damage restoration and sewer backup cleaning specialists. Give us a call today at (480) 906-4163.

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Flood & Water Damage Restoration Service

In the heart of Tempe, the unforeseen event of water damage can cause significant disruption. One moment, you’re enjoying the comfort of your home, and the next, you’re dealing with a flood or a burst pipe. When such disasters strike, swift action is essential. That’s precisely where Remove Water Arizona is your local ally in water damage repair and reconstruction. Our fully equipped and IICRC-certified team is ready 24/7 to promptly and efficiently address emergencies.


Our COMPREHENSIVE WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICES cover everything from initial damage assessment to complete property restoration. We start with a detailed evaluation to assess the extent of the damage, followed by immediate water removal using advanced equipment. Then, our team meticulously dries and dehumidifies the area, preventing further damage like mold growth.

Sewer Backup Cleanup Services

At Remove Water Arizona, we offer COMPREHENSIVE SEWER BACKUP CLEANUP SERVICES. Our skilled and certified professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle any sewer disaster effectively and safely. We’re your first line of defense, operating 24/7 because we know sewer emergencies don’t keep office hours.


When you call us, we respond promptly, assessing the situation and formulating a cleanup plan tailored to your needs. Our team leaps into action, extracting the sewage waste and thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your property. Our advanced cleaning procedures eliminate every trace of contamination, making your property safe and habitable again.


Additionally, we understand that sewer backups can cause extensive damages to the structure and contents of your property. That’s why we also offer repair and restoration services. We aim to restore your property and the peace of mind you enjoyed before the crisis struck.

Choose Remove Water Arizona for your Water Damage Restoration and Sewage Backup Cleanups

Choosing Remove Water Arizona is opting for prompt, effective, and compassionate service. We understand the immense stress and financial strain that water damage or a sewer backup can impose. With our 24/7 emergency services, we ensure a swift response to mitigate the damage and kickstart the restoration process as soon as possible.


Our IICRC-certified team is well-trained and equipped with advanced technology, ready to handle any magnitude of water damage or sewer backup. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services, covering everything from initial damage assessment to complete property restoration. Our cleanup procedures are thorough, ensuring your property is free of contaminants and safe for occupancy.

We also check for leaks that may have led to moisture damage and offer leak repair to prevent future flooding damage.

A Worthy Water Damage Restoration Company

What truly sets Remove Water Arizona apart is our integrity and commitment to our customers. We go beyond providing mere restoration services; we offer support throughout the restoration journey. From liaising with insurance companies to ensuring transparent communication, we take necessary steps to alleviate the stress associated with these difficult times.


The testimonials from our satisfied customers stand as a testament to our quality services. When you choose Remove Water Arizona, you’re not just choosing a restoration service; you’re selecting a partner who will stand by you throughout the remediation crisis, ensuring your property returns to its pre-damaged state swiftly and efficiently.

Our Tempe Location

Proudly Serving Tempe, Arizona

Tempe, a vibrant city located just east of Phoenix in Arizona, is a place we’re truly grateful to serve. It’s a city filled with lively attractions like the renowned Tempe Center for the Arts, an epicenter for concerts, dance, and comedy events. Not to mention the beloved Tempe Town Lake, a hub of water activities where kayaks, pedal boats, and paddleboards pepper the serene waters.


We’re also delighted by the regular outdoor festivals at Tempe Beach Park and the historical rock art that adorns Hayden Butte, a mountain that majestically watches over the city. The Wells Fargo Arena, another city landmark, is a bustling venue for sports events and concerts.


We’re proud to provide our services to Tempe, an integral part of Maricopa County. Named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece, our city finds its home in the East Valley area of the Phoenix metropolis. 


Among the city’s attractions, the Phoenix Zoo is a notable highlight. Established in 1962 by Robert Maytag, this non-profit, privately-owned zoo is the largest in the U.S. and sprawls across 125 acres in the Papago Park area of Phoenix.


Papago Park is a cherished community asset shared by the cities of Phoenix and Tempe and has earned its status as a Phoenix Point of Pride. The park houses the historical Hunt’s Tomb, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


For marine enthusiasts, Tempe is home to the SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium. Housed in the Arizona Mills mall, the 26,000-square-foot aquarium brims with aquatic life. Visitors can interact with touch pools and marvel at the ocean life through a mesmerizing 360° tunnel.


Lastly, Arizona Mills, a shopping oasis in Tempe, forms part of the vibrant Phoenix metropolitan area. Constructed by the Mills Corporation and Taubman Centers, it’s now primarily managed by the Simon Property Group, attracting shoppers and tourists with its extensive outlet offerings.


Tempe is recognized as one of the state’s top living destinations. Its urban-suburban blend provides a unique living experience, and the majority of inhabitants opt for renting homes. Tempe’s charm is further amplified by a wealth of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks that punctuate the city.

Tempe lies to the east of Phoenix, with the two cities being approximately 10 miles apart (or 16.09 kilometers) when traveling by car along the AZ 202 Loop route.

In terms of living expenses, Tempe’s cost of living index stands at 92.1% of the national average, offering a balance of lifestyle and affordability.